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of the american people over the debt ceiling. former reagan political director ed rollins, a clinton adviser doug shown a bond our guests. our first says it is unlikely the obama administration will push through a ban on assault weapons or a ban on large capacity ammunition magazines. the white house task force on gun violence as he said, failed to address the concerns of governors. joining us now, president of the national rifle association. good to have you with us. this has been a remarkable state in the presentation by joe biden to the present, the statements by the president himself and a press conference. hastily called saying that make taking guns away from people isn't about the second amendment your reaction. >> it is. it is about american freedom. this is a president who has spent his life as an opponent of second and minarets in this country. he promised before the election board that after the election you start to do something. he has this whole public-relations -- relation operation financed to a mere blumberg of new york that was ready to swing into action. what newtown gave him wa
with the president's cabinet. diplomatic dignitaries and two forms presidents, president carter and clinton will be here, both president bushs will not be ascending this inauguration. things, as you say, should get under way about 11:30. the president and vice president will be introduced sometime after 11:00. we would expect them to take their seats near the front of the stage. the families, of course, will be with them. what is more stunning than the view behind me is the view that the president will have as he looks up the mall at thousands and thousands of people. while the numbers may be smaller than what he saw last year, we know that's stunning a view as you see here to address a crowd of this magnitude before him on a winter's day here. not as pleasant as it was yesterday. in fact, in those vip seats behind me, there are neatly folded blue -- look like very thick blankets for all the guests who will be on the stage here. and they will likely need them. but folks are also crowding here, the invited guests. just on this side of the west front. so all is ready here for the second inaug
it to bill clinton for eight years. bill clinton was smart enough crafty enough to find a way to rise above and beat us at every turn. he did it by continuing to reach out. i always say when i was a lawyer, i had pictures after congress, all these pictures of bill clinton with much appreciation. it would drive my law partners crazy. appreciation for what? you impeached him. i said yeah, those were the days. you got to reach out. >> here's a question i don't think any of us can answer. only the president can answer. can he utilize the power, the threat of power of the presidency the way lyndon johnson did with regard to resolutions during the course of the vietnam war? one senator voting against him, not being with him. frank church had voted against the vietnam war. lyndon johnson says the next time you want to damnen your district call frank church. can barack obama utilize the inherent power of that office? >> if he has personal relationships -- lyndon johnson had remarkable relationships. they knew when lyndon called lyndon meant business. the president needs to
. welcome. caller: i just want to comment that i find it very revealing that secretary clinton is trying to avoid the benghazi scandal and had on new glasses but not answered one question about how many americans were killed in benghazi. host: i am so incredibly happy right now and so grateful for all that obama has laid out for his second term. we are following tweets. you are welcome to join the conversation. >> i really was and pressed by the whole inauguration. i was able to watch the first one. probably early this morning. i thought it was really professional. the politicians, i wish they would get together like that when it is time to change lolls and improve the stability of this country. i was impressed overall, especially with kelly clarkson and the beyonce. they were impressive with their music. i listened to them sparingly no when they have a couple of hits. i wish to put up more patriotic songs. -- i wish they put out more patriotic songs. it is gentle to the years. it really made an impact. far as their song. host: think you very much. there is the republican leader of the u
for terrorists. >> reporter: secretary clinton has been in regular contact with the algerian prime minister about the unfolding situation. danielle nottingham, cbs news, the state department. >>> an unarmed american predator drone is now over the gas plant offering u.s. officials their first independent look at what's happening there. >>> secretary of state hillary clinton is now expected to testify about the attack in benghazi, libya, wednesday. meanwhile there's word fbi director robert hurl is visiting ebb -- robert muller is visiting libya today as part of the investigation. secretary clinton was scheduled to testify last moshes but her appearance was postponed after she suffered a concussion. a blood clot was later discovered near her brain. she is doing okay now. >>> prince william county police need your help to find a killer tonight. they say gunshots rang out at the cedar knoll trailer park in dumfries in the middle of the night in the 17,600 block of washington street. a woman was found dead there. neighbors say she was shot many her bedroom while she slept, no word tonight why th
of state hillary clinton has been in contact with the algerian prime minister but the white house would not elaborate. >> we are in communication with the algerian government and the president is being regularly updated. >> reporter: the trefts first attacked a bus carrying international workers. the hostages were moved on to the compound. defense secretary leon panetta tells abc2 news, the situation has been chaotic. >> americans ought to be assured that we will take all necessary and proper steps to deal with this situation. >> reporter: intelligence officials believe this man is behind the attack, also known as mr. marl bro. the rogue al qaeda leader has made tens of millions in ransoms for kidnapping and smuggling. there are concerns other attacks may be in the works. >> we want to make sure any of our citizens and companies are reviewing their security practices. >> reporter: the state department says it has been in contact with the american hostages family. reporting from los angeles. >>> colorado movie theater where a gunman killed will be reopened today. aurora's mayor said the
with semtex. >> he was in a car that crashed. secretary of state hillary clinton says she has urged algeria's prime minister to take every precaution as they try to free the remaining hostages. >> let's not forget, this is an act of terror. they are the ones who have assaulted this facility, have taken hostage algerians and others from around the world who were going about their daily business. >> now behind the screens, u.s. officials are frustrated that algerian leaders turned down offers of help. of the 132 foreign workers to be kidnapped algerian leaders claim that 130 have been rescued be that number is unconfirmed by u.s. officials. >> investigators in japan are looking into a battery on an airline boeing. this is the same airplane that made an emergency landing after it was indicated that it was leaking and the engine was burning. nasa is scheduled to use the same battery technology on the international space station in 2017. but the agency says their battery design is different and no changes to the contract have been made. >> delta is
. on the national mall, a service summit, with celebrities like eva longoria and chelsea clinton. >> it is inspiring to see all of these people out here. everybody is here to give back. >> and people did not even have to wait. they can participate on service projects on site. >> it shows the love and passion we have for one another. >> president obama said this service they should be a symbol of how the nation can work together. they spent the day pending a bookshelf. the president says he knows that he is told now that bending down to paint kind of hurts. >> the president said he is ready for the inauguration. >> the theme of this year's inauguration is our people, our future. >> the city has been turned into a fortress, but the capital and security locked down. while there will not be as many people to look after roughly 800,000 people are expected. >> some 300 national guards members from virginia were sworn in today and will be on duty as soon as monday. 600 members of the virginia national guard will help with traffic, crowd management, and key indications. overall, 6000 national guard members
. the clinton second term by scandal and impeachment. now, amid the preparations for celebration, the new obama term starts with a budget confrontation. -- saying that republicans, again in the words of the white house, backing off their plans to hold the u.s. economy hostage because republicans want what they call drastic spending cuts in programs like medicare. and so whether this distracts from the inaugural or not, it's at least something the without first said was a negative and notice claims might actually bea positive. i'm steve handelsman, news4. >>> thanks, steve. starting tomorrow metro will begin selling special passes. the transit agency is untiling to use smarttrip cards. the commemorative passes will go on sale tomorrow at metro center and stations. the passes are good all day, but passengers can load more money onto them. coming up on "news4 at 5," adam tuss will have details on everything you need to know to get around on inauguration day. >>> news4 will cover every aspect. we'll be reporting live from the parade and swearing in. the coverage starts monday at 4:00 a.m. and conti
. it will be separate from the democratic national committee. >>> hillary clinton will step down as secretary of state with the vast majority of the country approving of the job she's done. an nbc news poll finds that 69% of americans approve of the job she's done while only 25% disapprove. secretary clinton widely seen as the early favorite to get the democratic nod for president in 2016, although she has not said whether she's interested in running. >>> it is now 4:49. feel free to tweet and text away during monday's inauguration. the biggest cell phone carriers are making sure you don't lose service during the inauguration. this is a much bigger issue than it was for the first inauguration four years ago. more than 130 million americans now you have smartphones according to the wireless association. just 41 million had smartphones in 2009. cell phone carriers are encouraging you to send text messages instead of making calls. phone calls use more of the network. >>> metro is offering an inauguration souvenir to riders this weekend. it's selling this smart trip card. they're $15. they come pre-loaded
was there. >> reporter: yolanda adams made her pitch with a song. ♪ [ music ] chelsea clinton visited a booth to help the youngsters write letters to sick children. and eva longoria appealed to a crowd of thousands to help improve the nation by volunteering. >> make the difference in one child's life. mentor a student, donate a book to a library. donate supplies to a neighborhood school. help paint a classroom or clean the playground. >> thousands of people in town for the inauguration and many locals packed into a huge tent on the national mall, where nearly 100 service organizations tried to inties visitors into making a commitment to volunteer. big sisters, big brothers paired mentors. >> the grades are better. they have higher self-esteem. they have better relationships with their peers, with their teachers. >> at the sunshine nail foundation, addison rose was helping chelsea clinton compose letters. >> i'm making a card for kids who are ill and i'm trying to make them feel better. >> computer term terminals helped. the whole scene inspirational. >> it kind of gets you mot
? >> here's the real problem with this. back in the '90s when the clinton administration had a so-called assault weapons ban, that also included a ban on high-capacity magazines and none of it did any good, had any impact. there are a couple of reasons for that. in terms of the magazines, these things, millions of them out there, they are very inexpensive and you get in this sort of bidding match. they say, well we shouldn't have a 30-round magazine or a 20-round, the president says let's have a ten. the governor of new york says, well, i can top that, we will have a 7-round magazine this is -- all sort of makes you feel good but, in fact, it doesn't do much. now, if you are out there and if you're crazy and if you've got a gun like this and if you're gonna shoot people with it, it takes a second or so to change the magazines. >> before i let you go, i have to ask you about an ad the nra put on a website yesterday. it mentions the president's daughters. it calls the president an elitist hypocrite because he is skeptical about posting armed guards in schools, yet his own girls do h
to give you some other news this morning as well. about hillary clinton, the secretary of state testifying before congress about what happens in benghazi, libya. here is a small piece by the associated press in this morning's washington post. and in the washington times and the politics section, congress will vote on pork. the influential club for growth on monday said it will seek to punish lawmakers who support the 51 billion package because it includes wasteful spending that has nothing to do with reconstruction efforts in the northeast. and there will be several amendments to that legislation. we will have our coverage of the floor on c-span if you want to watch that debate. in an "new york times this morning, featuring marco rubio and his plan for immigration reform. the headline is that he pushes his party on immigration changes and is taking a leading role among republicans on proposals to overhaul the immigration system. and evangelical groups are also pushing for changes to u.s. immigration laws. a small piece in the washington times. in other news this morning, on the supreme cou
further details. >> reporter: secretary clinton said this is a difficult and dangerous situation, the top priority is protecting innocent lives. karen traverse, abc news, washington. >>> a bomb threat caused fighter jets to be scrambled in seattle. fbi got a call saying a man aboard the flight might try to hijack the plane. investigators were waiting when the plane landed at seatac. 9 units were used to check the plane for explosives. >> the only thing i saw was when is police came on the airplane and asked the lady next to him to get up. they took him outside. that's all i saw. >> fbi questioned the man and didn't find him to be a threat. no one was injured. >>> no one was hurt in what is described as plane fender bender on the runway in miami. air france jet was about to take off and clipped the wings of a plane which landed. >>> delta fliers, the airline is changing its plan. and diners, what about the cleanest, the feature yelp is adding to help choose a place for dinner tonight. >> clear and cold up here in foxboro. all eyes on massachusetts this weekend. especially sunday night of c
100 of the 132 foreign hostages have now been released. secretary of state hillary clinton expressed continued u.s. support for the algerian government and response to the standoff. >> let's not forget this is an act of terror. the perpetrators are the terrorists. >> u.s. officials tell nbc news that five americans were working in the plant. two escaped. two more are being held. the militants have offered to release them in exchange for two convicted terrorists in the u.s. a state department spokesperson says the united states does not negotiate with terrorists. now to the countdown to inauguration day. hundred of thousand of people will be descending on our fair city for the start of president obama's second term monday. tonight the stage is set. crews are putting the finishing touches on this big event from security to the social scene. we have every angle covered for you. erica gonzalez has a list arrivals. doug kammerer the forecast. first to shomari stone with a look at how restaurants and hotels are gaeearing up. hey. >> reporter: a lot of excitement in the district. outside pe
clinton was among the volunteers in the district today. she was bagging groceries for seniors at friendship collegiate academy in northeast. and a great day out there for all the volunteers. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell here now with more on what the rest of the weekend is looking like. chuck, is it going to be getting chilly? >> it is going to start to trend colder, starting a little bit tomorrow, then another shot of cold air on monday. and another one behind that on tuesday. it promises some of the coldest air in two years. for now, though, certainly not all that cold outside. temperatures in the although to mid 40s here at 11:00 at night. overnight lows dropping only into the low and mid 30s. so really not cold by january standards. more sunshine coming our way for tomorrow. but there's an opportunity maybe even some snowflakes on that inaugural parade. we'll talk about that and the big chill coming. don't go away, jim. >> snowflakes on the parade, really? okay. maybe word is in there. we'll stay tuned. >>> if you are out today, you already saw it. lots of traffic
with the economy melting down and the lowest approval ratings practically in history for a president. bill clinton was impeached. richard nixon resigned his office. >> reporter: american university historian dr. allan lichtman says president obama must use the power of the people to sway congress and it appears that will be part of the inaugural address. >> he's going to talk about our political system doesn't require to us resolve all our disputes or political difference, but it does require us to seek chop ground when it can and should exist. -- common ground when it can and should exist. he's going to make that point very strongly. >> reporter: a new public opinion group will be made for public action. >> we want to make that there is people out there pushing for action. >> reporter: tax reform, entitlement, jobs and spending among the top issues for americans. gun control, climate change and international affairs are also on the agenda. you really don't have four years now. it will start to slip away very quickly. you've got to set some priorities because the president's time, the secretary
the democratic national committee. >>> hillary clinton will step down as america's top diplomat with a 69% approval rating. that's according to a wall street journal nbc poll. only 25% surveyed say they disapprove of her performance as secretary of state. secretary clinton is widely seen as the early favorite to get the democratic nod for president in 2016. president obama has tapped senator john kerry as the next secretary of state. >>> lawmakers in maryland have come up with a compromise in legislation over who is responsible for injuries from dangerous dogs. it would impress the impact of last year's court ruling that pit bulls are inherently dangerous. that decision made pet owners and landlords liable for dog attacks. new law clarifies responsibility and would apply to all breed, not just pit bulls and landlords would only be liable if they know or should have known that a dangerous dog was being housed on their property. >>> the original author of the dear abby advice column has died. funeral services were held yesterday for abigail vanburen. she died wednesday after a long battle w
the committee and it will be separate from the democratic national committee. >>> hillary clinton will step down as secretary of state with a 69% approval rating according to a wall street journal nbc news poll. 25% of those surveyed disapprove of her performance as america's top diplomat. secretary clinton is widely seen as the early favorite to get the democratic mod ford president in 2016. president obama tapped senator john kerry as the next secretary of state. >>> happening today, maryland's governor slated to propose measures to make it easier to cast a vote in maryland. according to the washington post, governor martin o'malley will push for a bill to expand early voting and also to allow maryland residents to register to vote and cast ballots on the same day. the bill faces opposition for republicans in the general assembly. the gop has long fought similar measures. they say it opens the door to voter fraud. >>> 6:46 now. today, leaders in prince george's county will help unveil a new gun safety proposal. maryland governor martin o'malley is scheduled to outline his public safety priorit
her pitch with a song. ♪ i'm going to do my part, yeah! ♪ >> reporter: chelsea clinton personally visited a booth to help the youngsters there write letters to sick children. and actress eva longoria appealed to a crowd of thousands to help improve the nation by volunteering. >> make a difference in one child's life. mentor a student. donate a book to a library. donate supplies to a neighborhood school. help paint a classroom or clean up a playground. >> reporter: thousands of people in town for the inauguration and many locals packed into a huge tent on the national mall, where nearly 100 service organizations tried to entice visitors into making a commitment to volunteer. big brothers big sisters has found pairing youngsters with older mentors helps the kids. >> the grades are better. they have higher self esteem. they have better relationships with their peers, with their teachers. >> reporter: at the sunshine foundation, 7-year-old addison rhodes was helping chelsea clinton compose letters. >> i am making a card for kids who are ill and i'm trying to make them feel better. >>
turn and below bill clinton, and 51%. and he said i'm going to close gitmo, that did not work out his way and almost everybody said it would be impossible to close because we've got a problem, we have nowhere to put those people. >> he said he'd close it in the first year. >> the first thing he signed. >> absolutely. the left plank after he didn't do it the first year, he'll do it the second year and the third year and the fourth year. >> harder when he's a candidate to an achieve. the economy, they said if they passed the massive unemployment, it'd keep under 8%, it was spiked up to 10% and down to 7.8 and they say it's a fail. and killed osama bin laden, and passed health care, what kind of program we'll be we're only getting it now, it passed two years ago. >> alisyn: and iraq, promised to end iraq and making steps towards that as well. >> iraq and afghanistan. >> although unemployment continues to be a problem. i read this morning one more person unemployed, manti te'o's imagery girlfriend has lost her job. >> her imagery job. >> she didn't show up. >> we found out she was alive b
national cathedral. wednesday, january 23rd, secretary of state hillary clinton will testify about last september's terrorist attacks of the u.s. consulate in libya. thursday, january 24th, the senate foreign relations committee will hold a confirmation hearing for secretary of state nominee john kerry. that starts at 10:00 a.m. on friday, january 25th, georgetown public policy institute holds a conference on at-risk children, youth and system reform. it will be held at 8:30 a.m. at the georgetown university conference center here in washington. that's your capital rundown for the week of january 21, 2013. you'll find us on myfoxdc.com and on twitter hashtag capitalrundown. i'm tom fitzgerald, see you next week. >>> can i do a quick shout out? >> yeah. >> this won't be quick. sarah sent in this picture last week, and has been calling me every day. this is sarah's mom, and aunt. they are twins. this picture is so -- isn't this a joyful picture? >> i've seen this on your desk. >> they are twins. their birthday is on january 20th. i knew we'd be way too busy on the 20th, inauguration day,
of state hillary clinton will testify about the attack on the american consulate in benghazi. house foreign affairs secretary has announced clinton will testify before the house on january 23rd. she'll talk about why the attack wasn't better anticipated and what leadership failures existed at the state department. >> its rrts been 529 days since the u.s. lost its top credit rating. what are we tryidoing to try to it back? ben bernanke said he's cautiously optimistic about the next few years. that's a ringing endorsement. and now our third story outfront. fingerprints wanting. martin o'malley proposed a sweeping gun law. what it is going to do is submit gun owners to fingerprinting. it will ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, require gun safety courses and background checks. he goes further than his democratic governor, and anthony o'donnell tells "outfront" the reality is martin o'malley is trying to get to the left of cuomo in new york because he wants to run for president in 2016. eric, former obama administration official rosa brooks, and our legal analyst, paul cowin. marti
clinton and jimmy carter will be here. that's obviously expected. another person who won't be here, mitt romney. that's not a slight, but it's kind of weird, because normally a challenger to a president is serving in some sort of official role in washington. they have a reason to be at the inauguration. mitt romney does not. so he won't be here. >> oh. come back and co anchor with me. >> all right. >> i like hanging with you. >> i like the recruitment. >> don't you guys love brianna? see? >> they don't know. [ laughter ] >> thanks, don. >> certainly a beautiful shot. it is perfect, the capitol behind us in the sunset. and it's great to be here with people. we're going to get out with the crowd. thank you, brianna keilar. the festivities, they're drawing people from all over the world, crowds from across washington. we're going to talk about security, and what's going on. we're ramping up for the second inauguration and we'll have more when we come back. right after this. don't go anywhere. [ dad ] find it? ya. alright, another one just like that. right in the old bucket. good toss! see t
. this is her fifth nug rag. in 1997, she was hired for president clinton's second inaugural. she's worked every one since then painstakingly writing each invitation and place card in beautiful calligraphy. she says it's an honor for being a part of these historical events. beautiful writing. all by hand. >>> 11 minutes after 5:00. the capitol is prepared for today's ceremonies. meteorologist tom kierein has a look at our forecast it morning. >> good morning. it's off to a cold start as we're getting going this morning. in the upper 20s and low 30s with clouds coming through. time of the swearing in ceremony, between 11:00 and noon, ought to be in the low 40s. winds will pick up during the afternoon. during the parade, may get into the mid and upper 40s. could get snow showers tonight 6:00 to 10:00 p.m. could be a brief dusting. clearing out and turning colder with winds gusting after midnight. a look at the next seven days in ten minutes. >>> i'm checking for accidents, incidents, nothing to warn you about this morning. as you travel along i-270, no issues. between frederick toward the capitol
. the secretary of senate noticed her work and hired her for president clinton's second inaugural. she's worked every inaugural luncheon since then. >>> had morning, veteran tv anchor barbara walters is in the hospital recovering from a fall. she slipped at an inauguration party here in d.c. saturday night at the british ambassador's home. walters has a cut on her head but is doing okay otherwise. >>> the time is 6:20. when you look at what's in the forecast this week, we're lucky that it's relatively warm today. >> that's right. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein is back in the studio with our forecast today and cold weather coming too, tom. >> much colder. we have a polar blast coming in beginning late tonight. between now and then, we have a few flurries showing up on radar. trying to reach the ground here in fairfax county, southern montgomery, northern prince george's. northern anne arundel. holding steady in the upper 20s, 30 degrees. we'll stay here for a couple of hours. a nice warmup by the time of the swearing-in ceremony. ought to be in the low 40s then. winds will pick up, gusti
. >> that was hillary clinton's husband! >> reporter: it was definitely a girl's night. hbo upstart "girls" won best tv comedy and the first female hosting duo. >> "hunger games" was one of the biggest films of the year and also the six weeks it took me to get into this dress. >> "life of pi" i'm going to call the next six weeks after i take this dress off. >> reporter: "zero dark thirty's" jessica chastain won best actress in a drama, but it was jodie foster who brought the night's most dramatic moments. accepting a lifetime achievement award, the notoriously private actress got personal. >> loud and proud, right? so i'm going to support on this. i am single. i already did my coming out about 1,000 years ago. >> then brought a-listers to tears with a touching message to her 84-year-old mother. >> i know you're inside those blue eyes somewhere. i love you, i love you, i love you. >> i think this was one of the first times we really saw her humanize herself. >> reporter: a dramatic night full of big winners. >> "les miserables". >> reporter: and plenty of golden moments. kristen dahlgren, nbc news, holl
clinton has joined us as the honorary co-chair and will be appearing at the mall event in the large tent that you have seen as you have driven down 14th street and will be joined by eva longoria, ben folls as well as 100 organizations from all across the capitol region and folks will be able to go down and talk to these people. it's a fair-type atmosphere and learn how to serve in our community. we will have events in all 50 states. right now we are on track over 2,000 events across the country and this is the first inaugural committee that has paid for staff in all 50 states because this a priority of the first family to see this service day, both to honor the memory of martin luther king junior and also a tradition we hope will live on and become part of inaugurations regardless who is in our position in four years. one more event on saturday evening, the kids' inaugural children's concert. this was started by dr. biden and first lady michelle obama. an extension of their work they have done through the joining forces initiative to help honor and support military families and will take
if they don't do t the. >> it's been a long time. >> the bush -- and the clinton second term by scandal and impeachment. the any obama term starts with a confrontation. >> saying it's encouraging that republicans are backing off, in the words of the white house, a move to hold the u.s. economy hostage and force drastic spending cuts. i'm steve handelsman, news4. >>> security is a big concern this inauguration. special forces arrived today to help with crowd control. with details on how security is being mustled up. >> you know when you see a jersey barrier like we have here, that obviously means don't go there, but they don't work well on the water. >> it's no secret or surprise that a presidential inauguration means changes on d.c. city streets. 6,000 troops are coming to -- they'll be highly visible. >> for that 48-hour period, the waterways will be closed to all recreational boating traffic. >> reporter: security officials say there's no specific maritime threat nor one on land, but all always they choose to air on the side of caution. >> we're helping to ensure the safety and securi
survived or how many of the militants were killed. secretary of state hillary clinton called the situation fluid today. said the u.s. is hoping the situation will be resolved. >> we hope with a minimum loss of life, but when you deal with these relentless terrorists, life is not in any way precious to them. >> white house supposeman jay carney says there are many claims of spopt for the hose taj-taking, but so far none has been substantiated. >>> when opening statements start tomorrow against john leopold, there will not be a jury. earlier today he waived a right to a jury trial, means a judge will decide the case. the decision came this morning in the second day of jury selection. he's accused of using officers from his security detail for personal and political benefit. he defies any wrongdoing. >>> marion berry says the fbi tried to kill him when he was arrested more than 20 years ago. he told "u.s. news & world report" that the fbi tried to poison him. he made similar claims back then. the fbi cad the accusation absurd and disappointing. >>> a warning tonight about a theories of theft
. >> reporter: there were a few famous. chelsea clinton the day's honorary chair. >> hey! >> reporter: actresses angela bassett and eva longoria saying it's about time. >> time is the most important to give an organization, volunteering a time to paint a classroom, read a book or mentor. >> reporter: across the country organizers expect upwards of a quarter million people to take part in today's national day of service events. lester? >> ron mott thank you. we'll have live coverage of the official inauguration at noon eastern time and monday covering it all day long beginning with "today" on nbc. that's "nightly news" for this saturday. i'm lester holt reporting from washington. i'll see you tomorrow morning on "today" and then right back here tomorrow evening. good night, everyone. -- captions by vitac -- www.vitac.com
daughter chelsea clinton. and she had star jones come in. bow biden. and how can we serve when it comes to faith, the environment and health. and everyone had a message to spread. celebrities like rosario dawson. lots of media people like pierce morgan. everyone wants to be a part of this. >> we've been saying that the numbers as far as everyday americans might not be the same as it was four years ago. but from the perspective of the a listers how are we looking compared to years past? >> it's still the top of the talk. sure oprah is out of town. steven spielberg is busy today but you have power, influential and interesting people who want to come and support barack obama. people are proud to have him as the leader and they want to come out and show that support from hollywood onward. >> you've looked at this historically over the many many years. and a lot of this started in terms of hollywood coming to washington for the inaugural festivities. i want to ask you a question. there seems to be the feeling or belief that when a democratic president is being inaugurated, you get more celeb
executive order in the past. george bush 41 in '9 banned importation of some weapons. bill clinton banning importation of 50 semiautomatic assault weapons, and then in '01 banned the importation of assault pistols. you were elected in 1998 when you started serving on the hill. so explain to all of us, what was the attitude at that point when they executive orders were used at that time as compared to what you're seeing and hearing about how president obama is -- the people are talking about impeachment over the fact that he might use some executive order privilege to get gun control? >> well, actually i was elected in 1992 to the house and actually did vote on the assault weapons ban in 1994, went through reelection and it was a tough time, but the fact is i think people realize today that we've got to do something. i agree, listening to those parents talk about the loss of their children, it's excruciating. we've got to do something. i think the president realizes that and he'll take some action that he can. i don't think he will overstep his bounds, he will look at the opportunities he h
look at somebody like clinton, also an abused child, his need for validation, to be liked, validated by women all the time. the kennedys. you look at george bush jr., who used to have an awful problem -- alcohol problem. these people had difficult histories. i remember being in toronto, ontario. it seemed like every time i published a book, the american bomb somebody. the first time i published a book was on add. just when it came out, they were bombing yugoslavia. the next book, they were bombing iraq. i remember watching george bush jr. on television talking about the impending invasion and attack on iraq. i turned the sound down -- and i do not know if you have ever had the experience of watching george bush, not for what he was saying, but from the perspective of body language, and from that perspective you saw a scared kid. his brow was for road with uncertainty and fear. >> you have been listening to dr. gabor mate, best-selling author. not as well-known in this country, which is why we bring this to you today. he is the author of a number of books. we are offering you the full
. kind of lik even hillary clinton loved oscar de la renta and stuck with a certain designer. michelle kind of goes and sees various designers. lots of emerging talent. and chooses what she really responds to. >> when you think about style and you think about fashion, that will be her legacy. really supporting, propping up emerging american designers. people who really need that boost. wolf, back to you. >> alina, a quick question, how much of an impact has she really had on fashion, not just here in washington, but across the country? >> well, what's extraordinary, i can just tell you one quick anecdote about that, wolf, i spoke to reed krakoff who designed the outfit she wore yesterday to the swearing-in ceremony and just got off the phone with him again today. he told me what's extraordinary about michelle obama, more than any other celebrity, if you will, on the planet, is that he is really hearing from people around the world. i mean, that message is seen around the world. worldwide, people are watching it here on cnn. by one estimate, her one appearance in a designer's clothes is
killed. secretary of state hillary clinton called the situation fluid today. said the u.s. is hoping the situation will be resolved with a minimal loss of life. >>> the newly remodeled colorado movie theater, site of last summer's horrible shooting massacre, will open for the first time tonight. there wille a private remembrance ceremony in and a movie for victims' families. some relatives of those killed are boycotting, calling tonight's events insensitive. james holmes is accused of killing 12 people, wounding dozens of others back in july. >>> in virginia, police say a woman was shot to death by someone who knocked on her door early this morning. this is footage over the scene. police say she answered the door about 3:30. she argued with the visitor who reportedly fired several shots and then ran off. investigators don't think this was a random shooting. >>> after weeks of intense debate, the d.c. school system made major changes to a plan to close 20 city schools. five of those schools will now remain open. tom sherwood has our story. >> reporter: garrison elementary now has abou
-year-old khalif turner robbed this 7-eleven in clinton, maryland. it was caught on tape. the video showed the scary scenario for the innocent bystander robbed at gunpoint. police caught turner after a short chase but his accomplices got away. turner has a long history of criminal behavior and now faces nearly 247 years behind bars. >> when you're facing that amount of time, you're looking at what would be considered a life sentence i would think and certainly that's something we're very pleased of. this is something who is a repeat offender. >> turner will be sentenced in march. luckily no one was hurt during that robbery. >>> testimony in the misconduct trial of anne arundel county executive john leopold got underway today with a member of his office staff describing what she viewed as illegal activity, officers on the protection detail taking part in the activity. fox 5's paul wagner has the story. >> reporter: in his opening start to the judge the state prosecutor said john leopold abused -- statement to the judge the state prosecutor said john leopold abused and misused the pu
. >>> at jerry's sub in clinton inspectors cited 22 violations. right, yes, that's totally your ray. the manager asked us to leave -- your right. the manager asked us to leave and says he won't show us their kitchen. inspectors ordered jerry's closed citing a sewage backup on the kitchen floor, no hot water or soap at a hand sink and a dirty icemaker, dirty floors. inside malik grocers on holton lane in takoma park, the owner assured us what we found at first were actually kalongi spices, but that did not explain what we found in this corner. >> this is what i found here. this doesn't look like a seed to me. >> no, no, no. >> reporter: that's mouse feces. they did show me a copy of an exterminator visit since their closure for rodents, brought me into the area cleaned top to bottom and said those mouse droppings actually fell off a piece of equipment that just had missed the cleaning. they all passed reinspections and had reopened prior to our visits. i'm investigative reporter russ ptacek, wusa9. >> okay. >>> coming up a firefighter encounters an unexpected obstacle when he's trying to reach a
and chelsea clinton, who are honorary chairs for this weekend's event. >> there are also eight citizen co-chairs that will represent president obama's accomplishments during his first term in office. erica gonzalez has the story. >> reporter: discharged under the "don't ask, don't tell" law, david prepares for history. >> just received a phone call last week asking if i would be willing to participate in the inauguration. >> reporter: the former air force sergeant and seven others will be citizen co-chairs in the president's inauguration, each represent a task achieved by president obama in his first term and will walk the parade and attend the balls. >> even though he's the person elected by the people, it's still the people that make the changes. >> reporter: the famous picture of the first lady dawning her new bangs, look closely. there's hall. >> she was fantastic. it seems to be her hair was the hit of the day. >> reporter: erica gonzalez, news 4. >> the eight citizen co-chairs will also take part in today's national day of service. they'll represent the health care reform law, the a
hearing later this week to be secretary of state. the current secretary of state, hillary clinton, testifying twice this week on the ben ghazi attack. let's go to gardiner, maine on our republican line. >> this is roberta. onto to say i thought obama's acceptance speech was absolutely brilliant. i think that susan collins -- i am very disappointed in my senator. >> when you say susan collins needs hearing aids, what did you hear from her after the speech question mark next >> she did not feel that he reached across the aisle. she did not hear the same speech i heard. >> what was the dominant thing that you heard -- the theme that you heard from the president's speech? >> the men could not possibly have done more -- then more open or more accepting or more generous or more openhearted. he wants this country to be one people. he wants us to work together toward one goal. that is what he wants. sincerely what he wants. that is what he believes. that is what he wants the country to work towards. that is what we need. >> president obama spoke just over 18 minutes. we will show all of t
columbine, president clinton prepare proposed what he called the cops program. and about 28,000 schools in this country now either have police through that program or police that are paid for by state or private security guards. those schools have... and it is... the argument against it is just what you said. but the fact is if you look at the people who do this, first of yoall, they're mentally dereininged. secondly, they're cowards. the fact that there's somebody armed there will prevent them in most cases from doing anything. do we live in a perfect world? no. but we can do what makes sense to protect our kids. >> woodruff: speaking of what's not perfect. what about trying some of the solutions that the folks who are saying they're not trying to attack the second amendment, they're saying they simply want to make... they want to reduce gun violence. why not try reducing high capacity ammunition clips? why not try a ban on assault weapons? >> we tried a ban on assault weapons. remember, judy, that an assault weapon has to be listed because there's no functional difference between a so
democratic movement that helped elect president clinton. from 1993 to 1997, she served in the white house where she oversaw the national performance review also known as reinventing government. so we're coming up on the 20-year an verse or ri of that. her research includes management, 21st century government, government reform and innovation. and she is the author of "the end of of government as we know it: implementation of the 21st century." and also a book on primary politics and the election process. so, phil, i want to start with you. you have tremendous experience in the private sector. what do you see as the government impediments that keep businesses from growing faster and creating jobs? >> oh, how long have we got? [laughter] >> plenty of time. as long as you need. >> well, first of all, nike was not only the greek goddess of victory, it's a missail that -- missile that goes really fast. [laughter] the bad news about me coming to a brookings meeting for me is that it's a five-hour airplane flight. the good news is that it's a five-hour airplane flight, that i get to sit at 40,00
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